Lock Your Heart on the Healthy Track; Post-Covid Heart Package

As the COVID-19 infection is increasing at a faster rate in India, it has also been noted that the incidence of heart problems in those infected with COVID-19, is also increasing simultaneously. Among the heart problems caused by COVID-19 infection, Myocarditis (Damage to the heart muscle) is the most common. This affects the pumping capacity of the heart, worsens the breathing difficulty, and also causes abnormalities of the heartbeat. The next most common is the heart attack, followed by clots in the blood vessels of the lungs.


The Corona virus ruptures the smaller blocks in the heart’s blood vessels, leading to increased formation of blood clots and completely blocks the blood supply to the heart, resulting in a heart attack.

According to a study published in American Heart Association (AHA) journal, the risk of getting a heart attack in COVID-19 infected patients increases by 5 times in the first 14 days of infection, and the risk increases by 3 times even up to the first 1 month of diagnosis of COVID-19. 

Also, about 17% of the hospitalized patients with COVID-19 have blood clotting problems, according to the American Medical Association study. COVID-19 is not the only infection that causes these blood clots. Even the 2009 influenza pandemic caused blood clots in 5% of the infected patients but COVID-19 causes blood clots about 3 times more than that of influenza. Also, the number of people infected by COVID-19 is very high as compared to the influenza pandemic in 2009. 


Hence, after recovering from COVID-19 and before resuming the routine activities, it is advisable to undergo heart evaluation to detect these heart problems and to prevent the worsening of already existing heart diseases as well. 

We at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital are providing 24*7 Emergency Cardiac services and at this crucial point of the pandemic, we are introducing a “POST – COVID HEART check-up camp” for COVID-19 infected patients after 1 month of diagnosis of COVID-19. The camp starts on May 15, 2021, with due COVID precautions.

Our sincere advice to the patients recovering from COVID-19, is to:

“Vaccinate, Mask yourself, Distance yourself and Stay safe”

Dr. M. JAGADEESH MBBS., MD., DNB Cardiology

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist,

Department of Cardiology,

Ahalia Diabetes Hospital, Palakkad.