Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine that allows safe usage of medical drugs to induce a reversible state of total or partial lack of responsiveness to surgical procedures, so that they can be carried out smoothly, without causing any distress and inconvenience to the patient. The department of anesthesiology at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital provides most advanced techniques( USG, PNS ) safety and patient care. Our team of extremely skilled and well experienced anesthesiologists and technicians aims to provide optimum quality patient care not only in the operation theatre but also beyond it by optimising pre-operative patient status and providing comprehensive patient care.

Speciality about Ahalia Diabetes Hospital anesthesiology department

Anesthesiology department in Ahalia Diabetes Hospital supports departments such as podiatry, general surgery, orthopedics etc.

Most of the podiatric procedures are performed under nerve blocks such as femoral nerve, popletal ,sciatic nerve block, ankle blocks etc.

Benefits of nerve blocks ease pain by offering immediate relief, they can also offer longer-term relief. In addition to improved post operative pain and more Rapid recovery.

PNBs (peripheral nerve blocks) are also associated with reduction in opioid use and the average length of hospital stay. PNBs is very useful for high risk patients.