Vascular, Endovascular & Diabetic Foot Surgery

Our bodies change as we age, and these changes can cause a number of health issues. Diabetes and vascular illnesses are two such ailments that are on the rise in modern society. Diabetes impacts how our body handles sugar, whereas vascular illnesses damage the blood arteries that deliver blood to and from the heart. Both of these illnesses have serious side effects that might result in amputations and foot ulcers. The specialized vascular, endovascular, and diabetic foot surgical services provided at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital in Palakkad, India, will be the main topic of this article. We will also discuss how important these services are in treating these conditions.


A specialized area of medicine called “vascular surgery” deals with the care of blood vessels. Aneurysms, blockages, and arterial occlusions are just a few of the problems that vascular surgeons are skilled in treating. On the other side, endovascular surgery is a less invasive method that uses catheters and tiny incisions to treat vascular diseases. In the specialized field of diabetic foot surgery, foot ulcers and associated complications in diabetes patients are prevented, identified, and treated.

Diabetic foot vascular surgery is a treatment for an open wound, known as diabetic foot ulcers, on the foot of a diabetic person.

When to Consult a Vascular Surgeon?

There are several signs and symptoms that may indicate the need for a consultation with a vascular surgeon.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or use tobacco products, you may need to see a vascular doctor since you are at a high risk of developing vascular disease. Additionally, you can be experiencing vascular disease symptoms including leg discomfort, cramps, or swelling, as well as chest pain while exercising.

These also include:

  • Pain or cramping in the legs, especially when walking or exercising
  • Changes in skin colour or texture on the legs or feet
  • Non-healing wounds or ulcers on the feet
  • Swelling or warmth in the legs or feet
  • Loss of hair on the legs or feet
  • Weak or absent pulses in the legs or feet

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to consult a vascular surgeon as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent serious complications, such as amputations.

How the Specialty Plays a Major Role in Diabetic Foot

A chronic illness that affects millions of individuals worldwide is diabetes. Numerous consequences, such as nerve injury, poor circulation, and sluggish healing, may result from it. These issues can result in infections and foot ulcers that, if addressed, can necessitate amputations. Vascular surgeons and diabetic foot specialists play a major role in preventing and managing these complications.

Diabetic Foot Vascular Surgery

The department of vascular and diabetic foot surgery at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital offers a number of crucial procedures, including diabetic foot vascular surgery. Blockages in the arteries that supply blood to the foot are treated with this specialized type of surgery. These obstructions can cause infections and foot ulcers, which if ignored could need amputations.

Adults with diabetic foot ulcers and peripheral artery disease who receive revascularization surgery are at no greater risk for amputation

Recent studies have shown that adults with diabetic foot ulcers and peripheral artery disease who receive revascularization surgery are at no greater risk for amputation than those who do not receive the surgery. 

 In reality, in these individuals, revascularization surgery can greatly increase healing rates and lower the risk of amputation. The vascular and diabetic foot surgery division of Ahalia Diabetes Hospital uses the most recent methods, state of the art technology, and tools to give patients the greatest results.In conclusion, the prevention, detection, and treatment of vascular and foot-related issues in diabetes patients are largely influenced by the specialized fields of medicine of vascular, endovascular, and diabetic foot surgery. The department of vascular and diabetic foot surgery at Ahalia Diabetes Hospital is a specialized facility that offers patients with vascular and diabetic foot issues all-inclusive care. All varieties of vascular and foot-related problems are treated by the highly skilled and experienced diabetic foot specialists and vascular surgeons at the hospital.