Arthritis Clinic

Predominantly Osteoarthritis (OA), also known as Degenerative arthritis or Osteoarthritis or Degenerative joint disease (DJD) is a disease of the entire joint and its various components such as the cartilage, ligaments and the underlying bone. It is a progressive disorder initially caused by gradual loss of cartilage. As the disease progresses, there is development of bony projections called spurs and osteophytes, formation of cysts within the bones, erosion of the bone and changes in the very shape of the bones forming the joint.

Our understanding of osteoarthritis has radically changed from the ‘old’ view –i.e., a degenerative disorder resulting from excessive wear and tear on the joints, to the current understanding that it is due to excessive remodeling of joint tissues in response to abnormal joint mechanics, systemic factors, and genetics and driven by localized inflammatory mediators. There are complex molecular, environmental and genetic factors at underplay here. Rather than just cartilage breakdown and loss, it is clear that OA is a condition that affects the joint as an organ. The destruction of the cartilage plays a major role in the initiation of the disease process. However cartilage is predominantly devoid of any nerve endings and receptors. Hence the onset of pain cannot be due to mere cartilage destruction and is rather the result of progressive affection of other joint structures as well such as the synovium, bone, menisci, capsule, bursae and ligaments.

Arthritis clinic is conducted to diagnose, evaluate and treat the varying presentations of arthritis- osteoarthritis (also Rheumatoid arthritis, Gouty arthritis…)Based on the recommendations of our specialists various modalities of treatment are available for the treatment of these conditions -physical therapy, Wax therapy, Interferential therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Short wave diatheramy, Continuous passive mobilisation, intra-articular instillation of disease modifying drugs etc.